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Cyberdefense in depth with VALIDY
Security obtained by adding the VALIDY Technology protection to each traditional defense line, but also to the Operating System, the Database engine and to the programs themselves.

« Traditional » cyberdefense in depth
Security obtained by 3 lines of defense: a Firewall, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and an Antivirus

Validy Softnaos is a Proof Of Concept (POC) of Validy Technology (Patented)

You are faced with the piracy (illegal copy) of your software applications and/or the sabotage (attack against the integrity) of your IT systems. Validy SoftNaos combines a post-compiler with a secure co-processor which can put you back in control.

After transformation by Validy SoftNaos, your application is made up of a fine mix of unchanged instructions which are executed on the user's PC and transformed instructions that can only be executed by the secure co-processor which is in the form of a USB token.

Click to see a short introduction to Validy Technology Code Tranformation with Validy SoftNaos Program without protectionProgram with protection

Users retain full control over their computer, but your protected application can only run on a hybrid system of which you control one part. This principle is radically different from the one that dongles usually rely on.

Only the secret key, used to encrypt the transformed instructions, links the protected application to co-processors which hold this same key. This simplifies the management of applications updates and the distribution of the tokens to your clients.

Based only on published principles and on a secret cryptographic key held in the secure token, Validy SoftNaos gives you robust protection. You can evaluate the SoftNaos solution by downloading the tool, learn more about its working principles or look for answers to your questions.