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About Validy

Gilles SGRO - Jean-Christophe CUENOD - Christophe VEDEL

Validy, a software publishing company, working in the field of security and control for IT technologies.

An innovative and patented technology

Validy has invented, patented and developed a security solution, called Validy Technology to protect software against piracy and IT systems against sabotage. Validy Technology is based on an approach of security in total rupture with the current state of the art and represents a major advancement in the field of software protection.

Java applications protection

Validy has developed and is selling today Validy SoftNaos for Java, first commercial implementation of Validy Technology. This product comes in the form of a post-compiler and a USB key. Validy SoftNaos for Java protects Java applications running on computers equipped with USB ports and works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux.


In order to constantly widen the field of application and the ease of use of the protection, Validy pursues several Research and Development directions.

  • Improvement of the protection
    Validy is working to improve Validy Technology, to make it as simple as possible to use and to still improve its robustness.
  • Support of other programming languages
    Because Validy Technology allows the protection of applications written in most modern programming languages, a high priority is given to the support of the most widespread of them, especially C/C++ and C#.
  • New tokens, new applications
    Validy is also working on the token, the hardware part of the protection, to improve its performances and to offer new form factors and new interfaces opening-up new applications. The microSD form factor will allow to protect mobile phone applications when the PciExpress form factor will be suitable for servers monitoring for instance infrastructures or banking applications. A surface mount device will be intended for embedded systems like home automation or cars.