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2006: Validy nominated for the European innovation award ICT Prize

Independent expert from Euro-CASE have evaluated and ranked the proposals for the European ICT Prize and proposed 66 nominee to the European Commission. The jury is composed of representatives from 16 science and technology academies who reward each year innovative European companies in the IT domain.

ChinICT 2007

Motorola rewards Validy S.A by awarding it one of the "ChinICT Top Innovator Award". This prize rewards Validy for its software and IT systems protection technology against piracy and sabotage. The distinction was handed to the company during the Chinese-European exhibition "ChinICT 2007" held in Beijing (China) on the 24th and 25th of May, under the patronage of Ms Viviane Reding, European IT and Media Community Commissioner, and in the presence of Chinese official authorities and of big names of the IT industry such as Microsoft, Motorola, Cisco, Cina...

2008: Validy's project SECTOKEN is established by the global competitiveness cluster MINALOGIC

The selection comity for the MINALOGIC global competitiveness cluster, after examination, has unanimously decided to award the MINALOGIC label to the SECTOKEN project, supported by Validy. The comity particularly appreciated the strong involvement of small companies and research laboratories in this project.
Project partners: VALIDY, CEA CESTI LETI Laboratory, TIMA Laboratory, TIEMPO Company.

Although approved by the selection comity, project SECTOKEN was not funded by the Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI) of the French Ministry of Finances (MINEFI).


Washington DC, Validy is semi-finalist at the prestigious American Security Challenge (ASC) and, as such, is entitled to be part of the 22 companies that are tracked and promoted by ASC.

ASC aims to promote and facilitate the go to market of innovative security technologies to protect the United States of America.