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Protection of Software against Piracy


Software piracy is a growing world economic issue that robs editors from an important part of their income. The diffusion of pirated software is greatly eased by the exponential development of the Internet. Software piracy has a harder impact on medium and small sized software editors for whom the shortfall is very detrimental.

Business Software Alliance estimates the annual loss of software editors to around 30 billion dollars (USD)

Piracy impacts every type of software : from professional software to general public software, from dedicated softwares to specific software, from gaming software to embedded software.

Software editors wish to benefit from a solution bringing minimum constraints for their customer, their distribution network, and themselves.

The state of the art in software piracy didn't allow for an effective protection. It became essential to innovate and solve this flaw.

Validy achieved just that. The first implementation of the Validy technologies to protect Java softwares took form as : Validy SoftNaos for java.


Born from a major innovation, Validy SoftNaos for Java offers to editors for the first time a truly effective and secure solution against piracy.

To protect a software against its modification or duplication by a pirate, Validy SoftNaos deports the crucial variables of the software in a USB token (USB key) where they are modified in a secured manner during its execution.

This conceptual change is very important both on a security, and on a performance level, and allows a truly effective protection of the software without slowing it down.

The SoftNaos protection scheme has nothing to do with current dongles, we invite you to read the FAQ about Validy SoftNaos for more information.

Validy SoftNaos for java allows for the protection of java written softwares. Other languages will soon be supported, including C#, C and C++



New perspectives for software developers

Validy enables software developers to get a fair return on investment by ensuring they get all of the revenues generated by the sales of every software license.

The protection provided by Validy SoftNaos is effective and robust.

New business model options are opened to them for the sales of software according to their use: evaluation version, pay per use, or unlimited software license.

The same token (USB key) can contain the license of a number of applications. Moreover, updates are easily downloadable with no risks and no token exchange. This greatly facilitates delivery, developers can make their applications freely available on the Internet, and only charge for the tokens (USB key) corresponding to the software licenses.

Defense of software integrity during its execution

Validy SoftNaos ensures, that during its execution, the software has not been modified in any way which may hijack its legitimate and authorized use. Any attempt of piracy is immediately detected and triggers the retaliation method chosen by the software developer. This can range from a simple alert message, to the the suppression of one of the functions.


Simple and easy to deploy 

The software developer effects the protection of the application and customization of the USB tokens in-house without any intervention or control from VALIDY.

Validy SoftNaos requires few modifications during the coding and the protection of the software. The Validy SoftNaos for Java post-compiler takes care of almost all the modifications!

The software developer who has implemented Validy SoftNaos protection can continue software development without having to issue new USB tokens. The coded instructions vital to the correct operation of the software are sent during runtime to the USB token, which is in effect a security co-processor. No instructions are stored in the USB token.


Access to online services

The same token used with the Validy Web Business option allows access to services on the software developer's Internet website (online documentation, updates and such). This enables the establishment of a privileged relationship with customers through the website.