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Up to Web Business 3.2, File Crypt 2.5, and Smart License 2.6, the installers for these products included drivers for the various smart cards and readers distributed by Validy. The majority of these drivers are now either integrated to the Windows Operating System or available through Microsoft Update. Starting with Web Business 3.3, File Crypt 2.6, and Smart License 2.7, drivers are not included in the installers of Validy products anymore. In case of problem, you can download them from the web sites of the smart card and reader vendors listed below.

The new versions support Windows Vista but support for Windows 98/Me has been dropped. If you need to support Windows 98/Me, you can obtain an older version from the older releases download page.

Validy Token

The Validy Token complies with the USB Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices (CCID) Specification. For more information, you can refer to Microsoft's page on the subject. Microsoft provides a class driver for these devices. This driver is integrated with Windows Vista and available though Microsoft Update for Windows 2000, 2003 Server, and XP. If you have problems installing the driver with Microsoft Update, please contact us.

Gemalto Cryptoflex e-gate

The drivers for Gemalto Cryptoflex e-gate are available through Microsoft Update. You can also obtain them from the e-gate driver download page.

Cherry ST-1000 U

The driver for this reader is available through Microsoft Update under the name Omnikey CardMan 2020. It can also be obtained from the ST-1000 U driver download page.

Cherry Smartboard G83-6733

The driver for this keyboard with integrated reader can be obtained from the Cherry Smartboard G83-6733 driver download page.


SCM Microsystems SCR241

The driver for this PCMCIA reader can be obtained from SCM Microsystems' download page by selecting Driver/Firmware, then SCR241, and your operating system.