An unclassifiable computer security technology

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a technology so innovative and different from the "classical" approaches of IT security that it is unclassifiable.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a disruptive technology in the field of trust and IT security. It is literally fundamental, generic and seminal. It is for these reasons that it can be considered at the same time as:

- The perfect Antivirus including for ZERO DAY attacks (100% effective),
- The ideal technology to implement a ZERO TRUST architecture,
- The ultimate Endpoint Detection Response (EDR),
- A perfect Defense in Depth,
- The decisive solution against Cyber espionage (Advanced Persistent Threat(APT)),
- The ideal solution against cyber sabotage.

It allows to implement a collective defense on a global scale.

In conclusion, VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is "the security of security". It completely changes the game in the field of trust and security in cyberspace.

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VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a technology that is fully compliant with the expectations of the US government and its allies.

It responds to the Executive orders and memorandums signed by the President of the United States of America Joe BIDEN.

On February 24, 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order entitled "America's Supply Chains Executive Order". This executive order is designed to secure physical and information supply chains. It is a reaction to the supply difficulties induced by China and a reaction to the Solarwind cyberattack.

On May 12, 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order entitled "Executive Order to Improve the Nation's Cybersecurity".

On July 28, 2021, President Joe Biden signed a memorandum entitled "National Security Memorandum on Improving Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure Control Systems".

On January 19, 2022, President Joe Biden signed a memorandum entitled: "Memorandum on Enhancing Cybersecurity for the National Security, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community.

On January 26, 2022, the President's Chief of Staff (OMB) signed a memorandum entitled: "Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departmentsand Agencies - Moving the U.S. Government Toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles".

If VALIDY TECHNOLOGY had been enabled, the SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, Colonial Pipeline, Log4J Cyberattacks would not have been possible.

Why the SUNBURST cyberattack would not have taken place if VALIDY TECHNOLOGY had been activated ?

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a patented breakthrough technology that allows any digital system to ensure in real-time its own ‘defense in depth’ against any cyberattack. It is a hardware and software combination-based protection. The hardware part is embedded within the processor.

This protection transforms any software into an attack detection probe. As soon as VALIDY TECHNOLOGY detects an attack, it enables the protected system to take appropriate retaliatory measures to ensure its safety and integrity. It can also send information about the ongoing attack to a Security Operational Center (SOC). In the case of the SUNBURST cyberattack, it would have been unachievable for hackers to prepare and "mount" this attack without being immediately detected and subjected to the measures of appropriate retaliation. The cyberattack SUNBURST would not have taken place.

It is VITAL, at the dawn of the global deployment of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), that VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is activated worldwide in all digital systems to restore trust and security in cyberspace.

For more information:

Inventors contacts:
Gilles SGRO – Cell: +33 684 60 00 96 –
Jean-Christophe CUENOD – Cell: +33 671 62 86 15 –


Why are we asserting that VALIDY owns a technology 100% effective against computer viruses, including unknown viruses (ZeroDay)

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY protects program integrity in real time during execution.

This innovative technology, based on a combination of hardware (security coprocessor) and software (by means of a compiler) provides this protection and does not require prior knowledge of virus signatures. It is therefore effective by nature against any type of virus (100%) whatever its composition and form.

This is why we equate it to a Universal Digital Vaccine.

It should be noted that the strength of the protection rests on the solidity of the material part (security coprocessor / microprocessor).
VALIDY TECHNOLOGY creates a remoteness between the protected material and the hacker (deprived of his gift of ubiquity) who can only corrupt the system by a physical attack. We thus restore the same level of safety, reliability and security in the digital world as in the physical world.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is therefore a major breakthrough innovation, a total paradigm shift in the area of defense and cyberspace security. Its global deployment will fundamentally contribute to confidence and security in cyberspace.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, an ideal technology to implement a perfectly secure, open and interoperable ZERO TRUST architecture.

Zero Trust is an architecture concept that makes sense when using VALIDY TECHNOLOGY. The Zero Trust architecture brings an improvement in security only if we can trust the decision chain that authorizes or not the access to an information system. Zero Trust must be able to trust its security infrastructure and this is exactly what VALIDY TECHNOLOGY provides.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is by construction a Zero Trust architecture compliant technology.

The security it brings to a protected system does not depend on any signature and any trusted third party. A system protected by VALIDY TECHNOLOGY becomes by nature a trusted system. The entire security infrastructure of the Zero Trust architecture can be based on VALIDY TECHNOLOGY and is perfectly secure, open and interoperable.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY the ultimate Endpoint Detection Response (EDR)

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a technology capable of instantly detecting any type of attack, including unknown ones (Zero day). VALIDY TECHNOLOY is able to transform each protected program into an attack detection probe and applies in depth to all levels of software (Firmware, Operating System, Application Software). It is therefore a Deep Endpoint Detection Response. The response of VALIDY TECHNOLOGY EDR depends on the applications.

It can for example:

- send the attack information to a Security Operating Center (SOC) equipped with artificial intelligence,
- put in security condition an embedded system in a means of transport,
- protect the automatons involved in the management of a sensitive infrastructure (Industrial Control System /SCADA).

It enables the implementation of a collective defense on a global scale.

Validy Technology, a decisive solution against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY's ability to detect attacks instantly provides a major additional advantage (Patent Detection and Coercion). Indeed, any serious attack such as an APT must be carefully prepared and tested in order to be stealthy and persistent. The hackers must set it up without being detected and have a lot of time to exploit it to the maximum. To do this, they must have a "clone" of the system to be attacked to adjust and repeat the attack on this "clone" until they obtain the desired result.
This testing phase is long and delicate and the "clone" protected by VALIDY TECHNOLOGY detects at each attack attempt the attack, and can report it to a security operation center (SOC) and/or put itself in operational security condition preventing in fine any completion of the attack preparation.

This characteristic of VALIDY TECHNOLOGY makes any attack preparation extremely delicate, if not impossible even for State attackers and thus represents a major obstacle for APTs.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, the ideal solution to protect all “5G”

5G is much more than just an evolution of the 4G network
5G will become the backbone of the new information society, so its security is paramount to its deployment. VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is the ideal solution for ensuring 5G security because it allows defense in-depth of all the systems involved in its operation (infrastructure) and of all connected objects.
An equipment, secured by VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, self-protects. It also participates in the security and defense of other connected objects thus ensuring inter-protection between the 5G infrastructure and the objects connected to it. Terminal equipment (connected objects) can thus participate in the defense of 5G infrastructure and vice versa.
VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is the ideal solution to protect connected objects that have very limited electronic capacities, because its protection mechanisms consume very little resources. VALIDY TECHNOLOGY remains operational even when connected objects lose their connections to the network, ensuring permanence and high availability of the protection.
VALIDY TECHNOLOGY protects electronic or computer equipment at all depth levels (microcode, firmware, operating system, application software).
VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, by restoring confidence in digital systems, can therefore be considered as
the fractal defense in depth" of the entire 5G infrastructure, and of all the objects connected to it (IoT)

Who are we?

We are the security of security

Before you introduce VALIDY can you answer these 3 questions?

Surprising as it may seem the answer is YES to these 3 questions, thanks to the breakthrough technology VALIDY TECHNOLOGY.

VALIDY NET INC was established in 1998 in Portland, Oregon (USA). It has a French subsidiary VALIDY SAS.

$ 10 Million (USD) was invested to provide intellectual protection for his invention and to develop a proof of concept (POC). VALIDY NET INC is funded by 300 Business Angels.

Its technical director, co-inventor of VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, worked at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center),  one of the best Silicon Valley laboratories.

Its patent portfolio covers many countries: USA, France, Norway, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, China, Hong Kong, India, Eurasia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, Philippines, South Africa.

Business model:License grant of VALIDY TECHNOLOGY


Defend cyberspace, computer systems and embedded systems against computer sabotage in all its forms. We are, to our knowledge, the only technology that can completely change the game in the field of cyber security and cyber defense.


By deploying the technology invented by VALIDY, called VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, globally with industrial partners and institutions around the world.

Non-exhaustive list:

Processor manufacturers, computer manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, computer service companies, software publishers, etc…


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is changing the game of IT security.

It is a "seminal" and generic technology that applies wherever there is digital electronics.

It's a disruptive technology, a real paradigm shift. An unexplored path so far.

It restores the balance between attack and defense in cyberspace.

Any IT developer can implement it without being a computer security specialist.

It is so effective that hackers cannot build reasonable test platforms to prepare for their attack.


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY allows a program to protect itself without a trusted third party. A running program checks in real time that its progress is consistent with the expected execution when the developer compiled the program.

The VALIDY technology
Patent Portfolio




July 7, 2021 - VALIDY NET INC makes a proposal to transfer the patent portfolio to the NSA

June 2021 - VALIDY NET INC participates in Business In a Minute organized by the National Security Agency (NSA)
June 9, 2021, meeting with NSA's Cybersecurity Program Executive Office PEO
June 3, 2021, meeting with Amazon Web Services
June 3, 2021, meeting with Microsoft Federal

November 2019, A case study on VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is released on the Cybersecurity Tech Accord web site
On Octobre 11, 2019 - Publication in ZONEBOURSE of the article entitled "Trust and security in cyberspace: a question that is now more diplomatic and legal than technical and military" Authors Gilles Sgro & Jean-Christophe CUENOD
September 2019, VALIDY NET INC becomes a member of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord driven by MICROSOFT
August 2019, VALIDY NET INC and VALIDY SAS are included by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the list of supporters of the Paris Appeal for Confidence and Security in Cyberspace. On August 1, 2019, they join the 67 States, the 358 companies including MICROSOFT, THALES, JUNIPER NETWORKS and the 139 organizations that wish to contribute to securing cyberspace.
On February 7, 2019 - Conversation of Mr Gilles Sgro with the Président de la République Emmanuel Macron on cybersecurity and cyberdefense
On March 20, 2018 - P
ublication in ZONEBOURSE of the article entitled "Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense: The main issues for the real economy". Authors Gilles Sgro & Jean-Christophe CUENOD
April 2016, Reception of a letter from President Barack OBAMA, who calls to federate forces to protect cyberspace.
September 2013, Presentation of VALIDY TECHNOLOGY at the US Department of Defense INSCOM, Fort Meade.
April 2011, Presentation to the National Security Agency (NSA), during “Business In a Minute”.
March 2011, Publication press article in Mag-securs N0 29: "Learning the lessons of the STUXNET case".
January 2011, Registration of VALIDY TECHNOLOGY at the National Security Agency (NSA)Acquisition Resource Center.
September 2010, VALIDY is semi-finalist at the prestigious "AMERICAN SECURITY CHALLENGE" competition
May 2008, Press article published in RUE89: "VALIDY, the setbacks of a start-up in spies’ country ". 
November 2007, Labeling of SECTOKEN project by the MINALOGIC global competitiveness cluster.
June 2007, MOTOROLA Award at the Sino-European ChinICT 2007 in Beijing.
April 2006, Publication press article in HACKADEMY MAGAZINE: "Reversing, the study of an unprecedented protection".
January 2006, Publication press article in the Drôme Economy Magazine: "Stop industrial piracy".
November 2005, Selection at the ICT Conference (Ireland), as one of the 20 most "cutting edge" technologies in Europe. 
September 2005, Nomination at the IST Prize, the most prestigious contest of the European community concerning information technologies.
June 2005, Meeting at the French Ministry of Defense by the economic, financial and administrative adviser of the Minister of Defense.
February 2002, Meeting at the Elysée Palace by the Councilors of the French President.
July 2001, Filing of Patent Applications at INPI and USPTO.

Many companies and intermediaries have worked with VALIDY for business intelligence and technology watch purposes. VALIDY is not known to the general public and companies of intermediate sizes. On the other hand, it is well known to large companies and large groups that envy its technology and its patent portfolio.


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY applies wherever there is digital electronics. Its market is as wide as the global market for electronics and information technology.

These applications are both civil and military: it's a "dual technology"

It is particularly useful in those fields:
Financial, Technological, Governmental, Health, Energy, Trade, Production, Transport, Insurance, Banking, Robotics.

It is especially effective for protecting embedded systems.

Very resource efficient, its the only one really able to protect the Internet of Things (IOT).
It also protects distributed systems such as those operated by the Operators of Vital Importance, including those driven by SCADA and all systems involved in the "Cloud".
(Nuclear power station, railway network, telecommunication network, water distribution network, energy distribution network, airport infrastructure, boats, planes, cars, etc ...)
A system protected by VALIDY TECHNOLOGY can be updated by its designer without difficulties, it is also one of its enormous assets.



It allows all security applications to secure themselves

It allows a real Defense In Depth of the systems

It also allows security service platforms (SAAS) to secure themselves


It can also be considered as security of security


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY detects any attempt to corrupt a program, from outside as well as from inside. It restores confidence in digital systems. Any computer program can defend itself. It even allows a program to guarantee that it works normally even when running on a corrupted system. Applied to all levels of a computer system, processor’s microarchitecture, firmware, drivers, operating system, database engine, file manager, application running on the system or even distributed systems running in the "Cloud", it provides a real Defense In Depth.
By nature VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a perfect anti-virus, able to detect any unknown never listed virus ("Zero Day" attack).
When an equipment is protected by VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, a hacker cannot use that equipment to prepare an attack.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, deployed globally, would have countered the STUXNET, WANNACRY and PETYA attacks.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, deployed globally, would have helped protect processors from MELTDOWN and SPECTRE vulnerabilities by detecting in real time that the processor is under attack and implementing the appropriate retaliatory measures.


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY solves a lot of problems, and solves it well, but it doesn’t solve everything. It is for example ineffective against  attacks  based on Social Engineering.

It is also inefficient for countering identity theft.


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY restores the balance between defense and attack in cyberspace and generally in the digital world.

It significantly strengthens the defense capabilities of electronic and computer equipments against both insiders and outsiders attacks.

Protected weapons systems remain secure, under the control of their users, in accordance with their manufacturer's specifications.


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY can protect information infrastructures, making them much more difficult to penetrate and less prone to data theft.

It prevents mass attacks across networks. A service in physical possession of a protected equipment, has means of additional attacks, allowing, with the appropriate tools, to extract the information that would be hidden in this equipment.

It should be noted that the physical attack of a protected equipment, does not weaken the protection of other equipment of the same type.


States have understood the geostrategic stake represented by VALIDY TECHNOLOGY.
States must absolutely agree to protect cyberspace and global standards must be put in place. The United Nations must play its role including its agency in charge of information and communication technologies (ITU).


Society has lived for millennia with the experience of the "physical world". Corrupting a physical system necessarily required being physically present to sabotage it.
Since the advent of computers and digital networks, sabotage can be done remotely in the cyber space. In addition to remote sabotaging, attackers have the "gift of ubiquity" and can corrupt at the speed of light, millions of computer systems.
The defense of computer systems is infinitely more difficult to organize than the attack. One must be able to detect that systems are under attack and most of the time human decisions must be made to counter these attacks. The human decisions take minutes, hours or even days, while computer attacks take a few milliseconds or seconds.
By neutralizing attacks from a distance, VALIDY TECHNOLOGY brings back confidence in the systems to the same level that humanity has known in the physical world. The digital world will be able to continue to grow.


The Antivirus editors have realized that they have to change paradigms, and that antivirus scanning based on virus signatures is becoming increasingly inefficient.
So they started building new security systems based on artificial intelligence modules to detect upstream threats.
The hackers understood that to go under the radars of these new antivirus they have to design viruses with artificial intelligence which must also learn how to go indetected. The competition between attack and defense in cyber space thus becomes a struggle between artificial intelligence systems, substantially increasing the potential danger of new attacks.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is becoming more and more necessary to avoid any loss of control of these artificial intelligence systems.

It can protect Artificial Intelligence systems themselves so that hackers cannot change the code of these systems. It can also protect the data used to train these systems so that
hackers cannot change the behavior of these artificial intelligences by this means.

Finally VALIDY TECHNOLOGY, thanks to the patent "Detection & coercion", can allow an artificial intelligence to exploit this signal in order to contribute to detect any attack worldwide.

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is complementary to security systems based on Artificial Intelligence and necessary, or even essential, to protect them from any corruption by hackers.


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is essential to ensure the integrity of robotic systems, it allows manufacturers to ensure that their robots always work according to their specifications.


VALIDY TECHNOLOGY corresponds in the information technologies field to the mechanisms that guarantee the integrity of the DNA of a living cell.



VALIDY's business model is based on licensing.


intended for processor designers and / or founders

for companies that prescribe and market VALIDY technology

intended for companies that integrate VALIDY technology into their infrastructures, systems, equipment, etc ...

Application license to different sectors

Because VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a seminal technology that affects all sectors of activity, it is essential that every manufacturer, large or small, can implement VALIDY TECHNOLOGY with all its professionalism to secure its customers.

VALIDY pays particular attention to a Fair, Reasonable, And Non Discriminatory (FRAND) licensing model.
Based on this business model, the deployment of VALIDY TECHNOLOGY can rely on the professionalism and experience of all. The challenge of cyber security and cyber defense is so important that federating globally has become indispensable.