Publication on the website of the Validy Net Inc case study

October 2019: Validy NetInc and Validy SAS become a member of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord organization founded by Microsoft

They join the 110 companies that make up the organization Cybersecurity Tech Accord

August 2019: VALIDY NET INC and VALIDY SAS are included by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the list of supporters of the Paris Appeal for Confidence and Security in Cyberspace

On August 1, 2019, they join the 67 States, the 358 companies including MICROSOFT, THALES, JUNIPER NETWORKS and the 139 organizations that wish to contribute to securing cyberspace.

Conversation of Mr Gilles Sgro with the Président de la République Emmanuel Macron on cybersecurity and cyberdefense

Video - 3mn30s

The main issues of cyber security and cyber defense for the real economy

The world of intelligence and defense has long used vulnerabilities of computer systems to its advantage to ensure its security and defense mission. However, today these organizations appear overwhelmed by the proliferation of cyber-weapons, just a click away for many criminal groups. It is now urgent to restore the balance of power by strengthening the defense of cyberspace. The continuity of growth of the real economy and world peace depend on it...

Zone Bourse
March 20, 2018


Mag-Securs 29 - STUXNET CASE
January 2011

Validy, the setbacks of a start-up in the country of spies

Validy, les déboires d'une start-up au pays des espions
May 2008

"Chine Hebdo" - Radio BFM

Interview by Myriam Hertz on Radio BFM for the "Chine Hebdo" economic news broadcast
September 2007

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Newspaper article in "Les échos économie"
September 2007

"The Hackademy Magazine" #3

Front cover and feature article in "The Hackademy Magazine" #3
March 2006

"Commerce International" #6

Magazine article in "Commerce International" #6
October 2003