Why the SUNBURST cyberattack would not have taken place if VALIDY TECHNOLOGY had been activated

VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is a patented breakthrough technology that allows any digital system to ensure in real-time its own ‘defense in depth’ against any cyberattack. It is a hardware and software combination-based protection. The hardware part is embedded within the processor.

This protection transforms any software into an attack detection probe. As soon as VALIDY TECHNOLOGY detects an attack, it enables the protected system to take appropriate retaliatory measures to ensure its safety and integrity. It can also send information about the ongoing attack to a Security Operational Center (SOC). In the case of the SUNBURST cyberattack, it would have been unachievable for hackers to prepare and "mount" this attack without being immediately detected and subjected to the measures of appropriate retaliation. The cyberattack SUNBURST would not have taken place.

It is VITAL, at the dawn of the global deployment of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), that VALIDY TECHNOLOGY is activated worldwide in all digital systems to restore trust and security in cyberspace.


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